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Warranty Information


Legal Notice: Several design registrations/patents are currently in place for certain features of the Kaimai® range of suppressors, and others have a patent-pending status.  We fully support and endorse the integrity of our products, and all non-commercial-use customers are fully covered by NZ Consumer law. All rights reserved.

  • Materials and Workmanship Warranty – 5 years or 5000 rounds minimum (whichever comes first).
  • Terms of Fair Trading Act (1986) apply.
  • Terms of Consumer Guarantees Act (1993) apply.
  • Warranty cover under the above Acts do not apply to commercial use.
  • Kaimai® Suppressors/Silencers should only be fitted to your rifle by suitably qualified, or trained gunsmiths. Kaimai® accepts no liability or warranty for any work (or damage resulting) from third parties, or incorrect installation.
  • Maximum operating core-temperature for Kaimai® centrefire suppressors is 160 degrees Celcius.   Overheating the unit above this temperature will void the warranty. On over-barrel units we recommend not heating above 90 deg. C at the rear bushing location.
  • Customer is requested to notify D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing or the dealer through whom the suppressor was purchased as soon as possible in the rare event of any damage to, or failure of the product occurring.  Please do not take the suppressor to any 3rd party for repair or assessment without the consent of Kaimai®, or before Kaimai® or its’ authorised agent has had an opportunity to assess, review or correct the fault or damage in the first instance, especially if the suppressor is still under warranty.  In order to resolve any issues in good faith the customer is also requested to refrain from premature social media or internet forum postings about the matter soliciting advise from random strangers (which could also be considered poor form before contacting us first), and in all circumstances Kaimai® (or their authorised warranty/inspection agent) should have the opportunity to firstly assess the problem and to consider any warranty claim or other action to be taken.
  • Warranty does not cover:
    • Normal wear & tear.
    • Damage from using goods for a purpose for which they were not designed.
    • Damage from neglect or careless storage.
    • Damage from having unauthorised repairs or other work carried out.
  • We are a fair-minded company, and Kaimai® (via D.F. Maisey Ltd) will take all reasonable steps in good faith to ensure a satisfactory resolution to any valid warranty claims which may arise, even if they are slightly outside of the standard warranty period.