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Blackout Model

Model: S19-L (or S22-L)   ‘BLACKOUT’

This popular configuration of our new, versatile, semi-modular Cyclone-series™ suppressor design is ideally suited for rifles with very short barrels (16” – 18”) and chambered in short-action cartridges like .223Rem, .243win, 6.5 Creedmoor, for when a high level of suppression is required,  and/or specifically for use with dual-purpose ‘subsonic’ center-fire rifles, such as the .300 Blackout or our custom-built fast-twist .308win or .30 Kaimai chambered ‘Kaimai Rifle’ (see link to that separate website: )  where a light-weight unit is required – but with a longer muzzle-forward section –  in order to give an outstanding level of suppression performance, and length to weight ratio.  With the new stainless steel Quadcore™ design inside the ‘Long’ (dual chamber) front module, our test results show a peak sound pressure level reduction (at milspec/muzzle location) of 30-32 dB(A), which translates to a peak sound pressure level reduction of about 97% (see details below).

The ‘BLACKOUT’ model (11”/280mm overall length) is a strong and durable unit which gives an excellent level of sound suppression for its’ relatively small size and light weight. The addition of stainless steel in the critical areas adds only a mere 35-70grams compared with some feather-weight aluminium-only suppressors of similar size, but provides more strength and durability from the unit. You just can’t beat stainless steel in the critical ‘hot zone’ areas of the suppressor, as it will not burn or rot-out as some aluminium-core centrefire suppressors will inevitably do.

We mainly fit this model of suppressor to rifles chambered in commonly used deer hunting cartridges in NZ – mostly short action cartridges with shorter barrels (but can be fitted to longer barrels and long action non-magnum cartridges as well.)  It is primarily designed for use with dedicated subsonic (or dual-purpose) hunting rifles, where the extra added muzzle-forward length can be accommodated in order to achieve the outstanding levels of sound suppression that it has proven to achieve.


  • Approximately 11” (280mm) long, Ø 1 ¾ “ (44.5mm)
  • Weight: approx. 433 grams (nominal, for .30cal, M14x1.0mm thread, Ø19mm isolator tube)
  • 6.57” (167mm) muzzle forward, 4.45” (113mm) back over barrel.
  • Calibres (recommended): .223Rem up to .30-06 Spr. (non-magnum centrefire)
  • Two size options are available of our unique, double-threaded barrel isolator sleeve (Ø19mm or Ø22mm) – which is the best, strongest and most secure leak-proof isolator tube design in the industry. 100% reliability, with no leaks or failure over 8 years of use in the NZ market.
  • Can be fitted to barrels up to a maximum of Ø22mm diameter (Ø0.867”) at the rear bushing location (approx. 113mm back from muzzle face on this model). Ø19mm isolator tube is fitted as standard for most sporting/hunting rifle installations, due to the increased volume in the expansion chamber area, and less weight in the muzzle diffuser/brake thread section. (Ø22mm isolator tube must be specified – if required to correctly suit your rifle – when ordering if we don’t have your rifle here for the installation. Please check the barrel diameter at the rear bushing location – 112mm back on ‘short rear’ suppressors, and 162mm back on ‘long rear’ suppressors.)
  • Quadcore™ – 4-stage mono-baffle machined from 1-piece of solid stainless steel, is not only a very effective, but simple and strong design, while also being a high-quality and very cost efficient use of materials with less wastage.
  • 4 calibre size options for front module: (.30Cal max., 7mm Cal. max., 6.5mm Cal. max., 6mm cal. max.) Special models for .338cal. , .357cal, or .44 magnum available on special order.
  • Thread options: ½ – 20, ½-28, M14x1.0mm, 9/16-24, M15x1.0mm. (The following are for use with Ø22mm isolator tube option only): 5/8-24, M17x1.0mm, M18x1.0mm.
  • Stainless steel muzzle diffuser/brake absorbs the brunt of propellant gas blast as it exits the muzzle, and redirects a large amount of the gas flow into the primary expansion chamber that telescopes back over the barrel, while also spinning the gas to provide a self-tightening effect and this coincidentally also reduces the tendency for excessive carbon deposit/build-up in the expansion chamber area.
  • Self-tightening design (unit will not shoot loose, gas-torque feature keeps it slightly snug on the thread shoulder) also retains best accuracy potential, as there is no chance of the barrel harmonics unexpectedly changing if the suppressor was to suddenly work loose off the muzzle thread bearing/alignment surfaces. (This is a common issue with cheaper suppressor that have no self-tighten feature in their design.)
  • Longer service life than aluminium-only suppressors due to Hybrid™ construction. All parts are CNC machined in-house, as well as being designed and made by one of NZ’s top qualified gunsmiths, with over 25 years of experience and 70,000+ hours of industry time served.
  • High quality fit and finish – Excellent concentricity of threads and suppressor-to-bore alignment.
  • Improved polymer rear bushing design – the best in the industry over 8 years of use. Close fitting threads, locate reliably on a slightly tapered alignment collar at the rear on the suppressor, for very repeatable repositioning every time the bushing is installed. (This is ideal especially where one suppressor may be used on multiple rifles, and with a separate/custom rear bushing supplied for each.)
  • Our Therma-Tuff suppressors covers – are also available as an optional extra. Featuring a resin-impregnated fiberglass weave that stretches to slip over and form a snug fit on the suppressor, it is rated up to 600°C, won’t burn, melt or rot, doesn’t matter if it gets wet, and still allows the suppressor to cool (or ‘breath’) while providing a protective exterior layer to avoid surface contact or impact abrasions on the suppressor when hunting, or accidental contact burns to your hands when suppressor is hot. (See accessories section for more details).
  • Price (as at Feb, 2022): $529.00 (incl GST). Fitting costs are additional. Rear bushings are supplied with Ø13mm hole as standard, and must be bored out to clear your barrel in a precision engineers lathe, by a qualified gunsmith or machinist, and using one of our special rear bushing holder/jig to do the job correctly. (See accessories section). Recommended bushing-to-barrel clearance is approx. Ø0.008” (Ø0.2mm) or more over the diameter of the barrel at that location.

Explanation of Sound Test Results