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Ordering and Shipping

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Since the changes in 2020 and 2021 to the Arms Act 1983, the Arms Regulations 1992, and now the Arms Amendment Regulations 2021, the sale and mail-order sale of firearms parts or accessory items have become a lot more difficult for both us as business owners, and our customers.  As a result this has had a major impact on our ability to do business freely and to supply products to our licensed firearms-owner customers across the country with the least amount of administration time or paperwork hassles possible. Unfortunately these unnecessary law changes have cost us a lot of time and money, and while we recognise that there is now more effort required on behalf of the customer as well, we don’t have any other option at the moment, but this has meant that the majority of our suppressor sales now are those that also require fitting work to be done as well, through our main business (D.F. Maisey Gunsmithing Services).

For any mail order sales of suppressors now, the customer must complete a Police mail order form for the ‘mail order sale of non-prohibited firearms/parts’, which the customer must then deposit with their local Police office or Arms Officer. The police form that you needs is form 43a. It can be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of this page here:

 You will need to fill this all out, we can’t fill it out for you. (Note: ‘sellers reference or invoice number’ as noted on the form is not really required.) However, please contact us in the first instance if you are wanting to place an order for one of our products, so we can discuss your requirements, and the best method of shipping it to you, depending on where in the country you are located, and it the parcel is to go to a business, urban, P.O. Box or RD address.

Providing us with an urban delivery area address (non-RD, non-P.O. Box) may also allow us to get your product order dispatched a bit quicker by the standard couriers that we use, once the ‘approved’ mail order permit has been received by us via direct email from your Arm Officer.  Parcels to be sent to P.O. Box or R.D. address can go via NZ-Post only – and we currently only send these shipments out once a week.

Please let us know your contact email and phone number when placing your order or initial email enquiry. Please also be aware that email is not always 100% reliable, and if you have sent us an email and not received a reply within 1-2 business days, then please check your spam or junk-email folder as our email reply to you may have been caught in there. Failing that, please phone and leave a message with your details, and we will call you back at a suitable time.

Standard or commonly-ordered items listed on our site may be in stock and available for immediate dispatch – or within 2-3 days if the product needs to be assembled to order. However, we can advise you about this at the time.

Most of our centre-fire suppressors are custom-assembled to meet your calibre/thread/length requirements and this may mean a lead-time of only a few days, or it could be 1-2 weeks if we are exceptionally busy.  Some orders may take longer if it is a less-popular thread size, or if we are out of stock of certain components at the time. If you require your suppressor to be sent out urgently, please enquire with us firstly to see if we can supply promptly from our inventory.

All Kaimai® suppressors are supplied in custom-designed cardboard boxes, and if any other accessory items are ordered at the same time (such as rear bushing holder/jig, spare rear bushings, thread caps or suppressor covers) we will pack these securely in the same box if possible.


Kaimai® suppressors and accessories may also be available for purchase through licensed firearm dealers and gunsmiths from the independent ‘Firearms Dealer Network’ by special arrangement (see link here )  as an option for those customers who prefer to deal with their local service providers.

Other licensed dealers/gunshops: We can supply through some other licensed dealers as well by customer special request, but we are aware that some larger stores may try to sell you one of their “house brand” suppressors, or another established brand which they may already stock make a bigger margin on.  If you feel that you may be being mis-informed or being down-sold to another product, then please contact us directly instead for an honest assessment or recommendation for your requirements, or for validation of any of the information that you have been told – in particular relation to sound test results, as there is a lot of misinformation out there especially with some individuals attempting to do their own suppressor sound tests with i-phones, or other cheap hand-held sound meters that are totally incapable of accurately measuring peak gunshot sound pressure levels.

All Kaimai® rifle suppressors are manufactured in NZ and installed by:


Welcome Bay, Tauranga.
Phone: 07 544-2207 (answerphone only)