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Target Model

Intended mainly for heavier-barrelled rifles, and able to accommodate larger thread sizes than what are possible with our over-barrel suppressors, the ‘Target’ model is a muzzle-can/muzzle-forward style of suppressor, ideally suited to varmint shooting or target rifle applications where it may be necessary or advantageous to keep the heat accumulated in the suppressor off the end of the barrel, rather than over it. This model features a stainless steel muzzle-brake/diffuser that incorporates a self-tightening design which harnesses the flow of propellant gas from the muzzle to keep the suppressor attached securely and firmly to the threaded rifle barrel at all times. We have tried to keep the length to under 7” (177mm) and the weight to a minimum, while maintaining excellent strength, integrity, and sound suppression. These work really well with .223rem, .300 BLK, .22-250Rem, 6mm BR, etc.

We are still currently producing this model from our older style Ø1.625”/41.3mm tube design, and with the Gen1 (revision 5) micro-baffle stack design, and we can also produce this model in a 8.2” long option as well, to better suit cartridges in the .243win to .308win range.

There is also a ‘small thread option’ configuration, which is slightly lighter.  The external end caps all feature a nice slightly rounded edge design, and a Therma-Tuff™ cover sleeve is supplied free with the unit.

Note:  Due to the single point thread mount design and added outboard length, extra care must be taken when handling rifles fitted with these ‘muzzle-can’ type suppressors to avoid damage to the rifle or suppressor itself.


  • 7“ long  (177mm) Ø 1 ¾ “ (44mm). ( Nominal thread length of 14mm, leaves about 6.42”/163mm muzzle forward. Maximum permissible thread length is 16.4mm long.)    ** 8.2”/208mm long option – available by special order **
  • Weight (approximate): small thread option – from 395 grams.  Large thread option – from 405 grams.
  • Calibres suitable for: .22 hornet to .308 Win. (non-magnum centerfire)
  • 3 calibre sizes. (.224 Cal,, 6.5mm Cal, .30 Cal. )
  • Small Thread Options: ½”- 20, ½-28, M14x1.0mm, 9/16-24, M15x1.0mm, 5/8-24.  
  • Large Thread Options: M18x1.0mm, ¾-28, M20x1.0mm, 7/8”-28.
  • Stainless steel muzzle brake absorbs the brunt of gas blast as it exits the muzzle, redirecting 70% – 80% of the gas flow into the primary expansion chamber.  Self-tightening port design – extremely important feature for muzzle-can units.
  • Stainless steel micro-baffle design (revision 5) – increased suppression performance and durability.
  • Target (muzzle-can) model features over 10 stages of gas attenuation, to provide better internal turbulence and suppression. Mainly intended for small to medium volume cases for target or varmint shooting.
  • High quality fit and finish.  Excellent concentricity of threads, etc.
  • Improved pressure vessel design – (O.D. threaded outer tube.  As internal pressure increases the joins tighten.  Exhaustive testing without any Loctite on joins, showed no leaking.  Unlike some competitors products that can tube-swell and leak at the press-fit/glued ends, the only reason that Kaimai®-Hybrid™ Suppressors are Loctited on the end-caps is to prevent un-authorised disassembly.)
  • Design of this model permits the use of larger thread sizes, from ½ – 20 to 7/8 – 28, while still keeping weight down to a practical level without compromising safety.
  • Full length of suppressor is forward of muzzle (with the exception of nominal 14mm long muzzle thread), keeping heat reservoir off the barrel, allowing barrel and suppressor to cool quicker.
  • Single point mount (threaded).  Ideal for very heavy barrel profiles of over Ø22mm (which cannot accommodate an over-barrel type suppressor), or sporting rifles which are fitted with open sights (which also can’t accommodate over-barrel models to be fitted).
  • A black Therma-Tuff™ cover/sleeve is included with all new Kaimai® centerfire suppressors at no extra cost.  Additional sleeves are available for purchase if the sleeve becomes worn or damaged (see accessories section).
  • Price (as at Feb, 2022): $460.00 (incl GST). Fitting costs are additional.