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ThermaTuff Cover / Insulator Sleeve for Centerfire Suppressor

ThermaTuff Cover / Insulator Sleeve for Centrefire Suppressor

In late 2019 we dropped the cloth-neoprene style suppressor covers from our product line-up, and instead introduced our new, tougher, and breathable ThermaTuff™ suppressor cover sleeves as a better solution for ‘hunting rifle’ suppressors.

Made from braided fiberglass sleeving that is saturated with high-temp resins, it provides a breathable protective cover for your suppressor that will not burn, melt, or rot, and remains a snug fit on suppressors, from 35-44mm diameter (max.). The sleeve material is rated up to 650˚C (1200˚F), which is far in excess of the maximum recommended temperature for our aluminium/hybrid suppressors (for which we recommend not more than 100˚C on over-barrel models that have a plastic rear bushing, and not more than 160˚C on muzzle-can (muzzle-forward) models).

These new ThermaTuff™ sleeves are far more durable than cloth-neoprene, and a lot lighter than solid rubber or silicone tube covers, and can be very easily removed if required. The ‘weave’ design of these sleeves not only expands to create a snug-fitting, textured surface which won’t slide around on the suppressor like cloth neoprene does, but more importantly it allows the suppressor to radiate some heat through the fibreglass weave/matrix and does not retain the heat to the point that the suppressor is ‘cooking’ or sweating inside of a solid rubber type cover.

These new suppressor covers are also easier for us to produce/supply as they are simply cut-to-length from a continuous roll, which also means we can supply them at a great price. At this stage we are only supplying them to fit our Kaimai suppressors, because the over-all finished length is dependent on the diameter of the suppressor. (As the sleeve expands to fit over the suppressor the overall length of the sleeve reduces. For this reason you have to ‘push’ the cover-sleeve onto the suppressor, or ‘push’ the cover-sleeve off to remove it from the suppressor. i.e. if you ‘pull’ the sleeve the weave collapses and grips the suppressor firmly – so tight that you will simply not be able to move it.)

We recommend taping over the ends of the ThermaTuff™ sleeves with black insulation tape to prevent fraying, and to also assist in holding the sleeve in place on the suppressor. 


$20 for Compact (8”) suppressor. (47 grams)

$26 for Hunter (10”) suppressor. (58 grams)

$29 for Blackout model (11”) suppressor. (63 grams)

$35 for Super-Stealth (13”) model suppressor. (74 grams)

Any colour you like as long as it’s black!